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NMR based Research

This extremely broad title describes quite well the work in the group. We acquire the different experiments, interpret the spectra and run statistical analysis or molecular modelling with it. Sometimes it might be necessary to develop new methods/protocols or even software (-modules) to handle the data. In the future more work shell be invested in this direction. Currently we have a 400 MHz and a 500 MHz NMR machine available for measurements and access to a general purpose chemistry lab.
Structure Determination...
...based on NMR still remains a challenge. But, softwares like Cocon can be used to direct the work for a comprehensive structure discussion. As Cocon is freely available online, everyone is invited to try it for himself.


Most of the work done in the lab revolves around NMR and NMR data. In general the work with NMR data requires heavy use of computers and different softwares. Some synthesis is also done in the lab, it requires less NMR, but still needs computers as well. At the moment all installations and facilities are temporary, hopefully only until the first semester of 2011, when the new building will be ready.


Several project are being realized in the lab. Since the labspace is very limited, the choice of projets is limites as well.
NMR & Statistical Analysis
The statistical analysis of NMR data (namely principal component analysis or partial least squares regression) has become fashion for mixture analyses. Without an assignment, seemingly identical mixtures can be differentiated and identified as belonging to different groups. We are using this process for the analysis of body fluids for the identification of health conditions.
Synthesis of Natural Products Skeletons
We work on the synthesis of skeletons of natural products recently published, that have shown activity against some agent of a tropical desease. We start at the skeleton, because many times that turns out to be much simpler than the whole molecule. Later derivatizations will take the skeleton closer to the natural product.
The NMR laboratory of FioCruz/FarManguinhos has 2 machines, a 400 MHz and a 500 MHz machine. Both are equipped with gradients, but only the 500 has temperatur control. Additionally the 500 has a 2.5mm probe, whereas the 400 has a HRMAS probe. Unfortunately, the HRMAS can not be used because the compressor is not working properly.
Over the years work of the group has been presented on many occasions.
The Associação de Usuários de Ressonância Magnética Nuclear is the brazilian NMR users society. They hold yearly meetings, in even years just simposia, but even years larger congresses with foreign visitors.

From NMR Correlations to Constitutions

CoCon has been an ongoing project since 1997. It started as a command-line program, and was recompiled for every molecule. Since 2003 it is available via a Web interface, users can create input files, submit them and visualize the results. The server is available for free and without registration:
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About Me

Since june 2006 I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and do research at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. I have a CAPES/FioCruz scholarship as member of the CDTS (Centro de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico em Saúde) and INCT-IDN (Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia - Inovação em Doenças Negligenciadas). Since CDTS has no own facilities yet, I am currently located in NMR laboratory at FarManguinhos.
Common information
I can be reached by eMail and Snail-Mail.
The Adress is:

Dr. Jochen Junker
Centro de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico em Saúde (CDTS)
Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia (INCT-IDN)
Av. Brasil, 4365 - Casa Amarela salas 1 e 2 - Manguinhos
CEP 21040-900 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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